About Us

ICE is the world's 1st specialized sharing economy platform for knowledge sourcing. It is the perfect platform for global talent to leverage their knowledge to build their professional BRAND and earn extra INCOME.

Our Mission

To empower individuals to build their reputation and brand by leveraging the world's first peer-to-peer knowledge sourcing network.

3 B's OF ICE

ICE is built to help every talented individual across the globe build their professional brand and earn extra income

Our 3 B's will help us help them accomplish their goals. So what are these 3 B's?



    your past

    ICE allows every talented individual to BRAND their PAST.

    What this means is every individual will be able to showcase their experience and skills using an inbuilt (free) visual resume tool of ICE.


    your present

    ICE believes mere showcasing your experience is not enough.

    One need to announce their aspirations as well to the world to be successful. That's where BROADCAST your PRESENT will come in. ICE helps every skilled talent to declare their aspirations to the world using a 90-second pitch video.


    your future

    Once one has highlighted your experience in the right way and announced your ...

    ... aspirations, they should be able to start leveraging their skills to achieve their goals. Enter the 3rd B of ICE- BUILD your FUTURE. ICE matches one's talent, experience, and aspirations to world class engagements (8 types) which the individual can take up and complete even they are working full time.


About our Founders

Our three founders represent three different generations in the workplace.

Our resident baby-boomer happens to be our CEO. HKU grad, with 27 years experience in C-level roles delivering breakthrough results at billion dollar business units in Fortune 100 and FTSE 50 companies. Ex-McKinsey consultant, with 3 successful startups. In case you are wondering, HKU stands for Hard Knocks University.

Our Generation X-er is our CFO. Legend has it that the first words out of his mouth as a baby were Shareholder Value. Lead Brainiac, ex strategy consultant and mentor / advisor to multiple tech startups. Tough as nails on the moulah.

Our Millenial is our CIO. Chief Innovation Officer, he will point out. Also happens to be our IT (Digital & Mobile) guru. Led technology architecture at a humongous financial services institution. Has lived and worked in 4 continents, and is an advisor at a private equity firm in his spare time. Creative and resourceful force who invented sleep-thinking. No cure discovered yet for him

So start your ICE journey today