Frequently Asked Questions


QuantumFly is the world's first engagement network. It provides a platform that allows talented individuals like you to brand your past, broadcast your present, and build your future, all in 15 minutes. It is like nothing you have seen before. Trust us.
QuantumFly has no membership fees, no pay-per-use fees and no premium feature fees. Only for the paid engagements, we charge a basic facilitation fee of 5% on engagement value each from Customer and the Provider (total 10% of the engagement value).
It is really simple. Upload your electronic resume / CV or just copy and paste information from your electronic resume / CV.

After reviewing your Quantum Profile, you can add a few additional bits of information to complete your profile. All it takes is few minutes. Just copy and paste information from your electronic resume.
Record your 90sec Quantum Video, add catchy title and tags and broadcast on social networks and QuantumFly site to talk directly with your target audience.

And very soon, to make things easy, we will even suggest a script, and allow you to upload it into our cueprompter, so that you don't have to worry about memorizing it or looking cross-eyed as you read and record. And, just by the way, you will also have the ability to convert all your online blogposts into podcasts with one click on our site. Yes, we ARE all that.
This is another first for QuantumFly. While everyone else is pursuing the usual approach of tweeting articles and applying for jobs, QuantumFly allows you to post Quantum Offerings to prospective customers and Quantum Engagements for prospective providers . All in a couple of key strokes, and in a few minutes. This is a radically different approach than anything out there today. Try doing this somewhere else.
Quantum Offerings are projects on which you wish to contribute your talent as a provider. Quantum Engagements are projects for which you wish to source talent as a customer. They come in 8 different categories - coaching, speaking, training, consulting, researching, publishing, innovating, and resourcing - and can be done while you are working a full-time job. They can be paid or free, and you can post or apply for as many as you want. You thinking about how good this can be yet?
If you are a professional at any level in any industry, company, or organization, in the public, private, or non-profit sector, you can use QuantumFly to brand, broadcast, and build your value, and requisition talented folks to help you in your business. If you are a job-seeker or retiree, you can use QuantumFly to expand your network, demonstrate your expertise, and revitalize your career. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you can use QuantumFly to acquire mentors in industry, deliver projects that enhance your resume, and get that first break. If you are a professor or entrepreneur, you can use QuantumFly to get investors and clients, invite practitioners into your space, and partner on innovation. Unless you are an alien in disguise from Men in Black, Quantumfly can help you.
QuantumFly is a quintessential peer-to-peer platform. But, companies can benefit from it too. Laying off people? This is the perfect outplacement solution. Hiring people? Reduce the risk by testing them out first through engagements. Want to place your undergrad and grad students in assignments before they graduate? Just mandate everyone to be on here. Looking for startup help in your incubator? Find amazing talent here. Professional services firm looking for more business? Put all your consultants and trainers and experts on the site, and watch the business roll in. Admit it. You would be silly to not get on this platform if you any kind of business.
Yes, you can do both, but you don't have to. QuantumFly has a unique process that allows you to receive and offer bids for your offering or engagement at different price points. You can then select the bid that best meets your requirements of quality and cost, based on the Quantum Scorecard. This allows both free and paid engagements and offerings. So you get the best of all worlds. As a customer, you get the best cost solution for the quality you want. As a provider, you get the best price solution for the quality you provide. Doesn't get much better than this.
Welcome to the most sleek, most versatile, most powerful search capability you have seen on a site like this. You can search within engagement category, people, and videos, and by free form qualifiers like topic, location, and industry. Your results appear in moments. We also recommend potential matches for engagements and offerings, based on your declared preferences. And, we also tell you what activity, in terms of postings, is happening within your QuantunFly network. Between these three avenues, if you can't find the most relevant projects for you, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones should zap you, 'cos you are not of this planet.


You can provide or receive advice, counsel, and coaching to other individuals in an area where the mentor has greater expertise. It could be a skill like negotiating or presenting, a topic like digital marketing or operational excellence, a company, or an industry. Millenials, get ready to help the Baby Boomers.
You can be invited as a speaker or invite a speaker for an event like a convention, a staff meeting, or a classroom session on your distinctive area of expertise or need, and deliver your message to any number of attendees face-to-face, on the phone or on the web. Can you imagine getting opportunities like this anywhere else?
You can train or be trained in an area where there is a perceived gap in skills, knowledge, or know-how. Typically, this is a more sustained and structured version of QuantumSpeaking, in which a curriculum, assessments, and certifications might be part of the engagement. How much can you contribute to others and grow at the same time in this fashion?
You can help solve business problems in an area in which that you have or need to have specialized knowledge. These projects can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few months, and can be done in addition to your current job. Trust the force, Luke. You know more than you might realize.
You can offer or receive assistance in performing any kind of research - primary, secondary, competitive, factual, scientific - you name it, from the safe confines of your home office, dorm room, or science lab. You can help execute surveys, conduct due diligence on the web, or come up with the cure for cancer. In collaboration with the right people who can help you.
You can develop intellectual property in collaboration with the right partners - software, white papers, research papers, magazine articles, books - you name it. Can you see your name in lights? In today's age of digital publishing, this is an opportunity that you have been ignoring for way too long.
This is the perfect entrepreneurial solution. If you have a breakthrough idea in a blue ocean space, how do you find the right people to support you with advice and investment? You post an appropriate description of the concept, and pick the best people from across the planet to work with on it. Never be a solopreneur again.
Do you need to find smart people who can help you, but don't have the budget for a fulltime gig? Get the right person to do an engagement at the right price here. By the same token, if you are looking for a temporary project as a contractor or intern, this is the place to find it. Let the jobs be on Monster and Linkedin. This is so much better.
With the Quantum Scorecard. It is a balanced scorecard that captures key attributes of the applicant to your engagement or offering, like experience, QuantumPoints, prior activity, and cost, all in one place, all in a simple format. It allows you to compare all the applications to your posting quickly, and shortlist the most appropriate prospects.
Quantum Points are assessments of you as a provider or customer that are submitted after the engagement by the person you worked with. They are a one-click rating on a scale of 0 to 5 stars, and are required after every engagement from both parties. Quantum Points are a measure of quality and effectiveness for providers and customers alike.


Make sure your Quantum Profile is done. It will be an awesome tool to showcase your brand. Make sure your Quantum Video captures your unique style and personality. Make sure your Quantum Offerings and Quantum Engagements are written clearly and persuasively. Make sure your Quantum Ratings are solid, based on the engagements you have delivered or received. And make sure all your professional networks are aware at every stage of your QuantumFly experience - visual profile, video, posting, application, hiring, completion of engagement, rating.
You can share them instantaneously with all your connections on any social network, including your Quantum Connections. You can embed them into your profiles on any network. They will appear in any online searches of your name, of course. And remember, there will be providers and customers on QuantumFly that will be looking for what you are posting who will find you as well.
Quantum Connections are people on the site with whom you have one of three kinds of relationships. You could have worked with someone on an engagement or offering. This is the strongest possible connection. You could have applied to a posting made by a person. This is a moderately strong connection. Finally, you could choose to follow someone based on their reputation and expertise. This is the average strength connection.
QuantumFly uses escrow account capability to receive payment deposit from the customer at the start of engagement. Payment to the provider are disbursed at the completion and sign-off of the engagement.
You will have your very own Quantum Mail box on the site. This way, when you post, apply, get selected, start, complete, and get rated on engagements and offering, you will get notified right on the site. You can also connect your regularly used email to your QuantumMail, so that you get notified whenever you get a message. That way you won't mix up this stuff with the thousands of emails in your regular mailbox.
Through the Quantum Dashboard. That is your control panel on the Starship QuantumFly. Everything you need to know is on one screen, in an incredibly designed, compact dashboard - your profile, your video, your engagements your mailbox, your suggested matches, the activity in your network. Whatever is not on this screen can be accessed by the links on this screen. It is da BOMB.
Just go to the Quantum Settings page. On one screen you can select your preferences in terms of profile, email, phone, password, notifications, interests, connected websites, privacy, account removal - you name it. Very powerful screen, like the Quantum Dashboard.
On the Quantum Dashboard page, there is a section called Engagement Dashboard. In that section, you can find all engagements and offerings that you have applied for and executed in the past, and the ones that you have applied for and are executing currently. It is essentially your activity history on QuantumFly, in gory detail. Remember to publicize the portions of this section to your network connections as much as possible.
Once you pick the websites that you want to connect to on the Quantum Settings page, you will be able to invite your connections on those sites into QuantumFly. Just find the Tell Your Friends button in the bottom bar on the screen, and click on it. Once they come onto the site, you can easily find them through the Find your Friends button. And, by the way, you can also follow Quantumfly on any network by clicking on the Follow button on the bottom bar.
You won't have this problem. We have thoroughly tested the site and tried to break it. It has resisted out efforts admirably. But, in the offchance that something gets screwed up, feel free to connect with us via email, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, or Google+, and we will get back to you right away, no worries. We live to please, and your happiness with the site is paramount to us. We won't let you down. We got you covered.