Leveraging Talents, Connecting Minds

QuantumFly for Working Professionals

Build your professional brand

QuantumFly is the perfect platform for working professionals from any area of expertise to build their rofessional brand. They can build up their perfect visual resume, a 90-second pitch video and leverage their experience to take up world class engagements while working their full time or part time jobs.

How can a working professional use QuantumFly?

Become a Coach/Mentor
Help others achieve their goals

A working professional can draw upon his/her experience to help others
who are looking for right mentors.
For example, a professional can
become a mentor to a startup
coming up in his/her area of

Become a Speaker
Share knowledge as a speaker

A working professional can utilize his knowledge and talent to become a speaker at events pertaining to his/her area of expertise. These events can be major conferences or even an organization's internal event.

Land your dream job
Let employers find you

A working professional can leverage his/her knowledge to connect with potential employers via short-term engagements. Via proving their expertise through these engagements, they can open up future opportunities for them. And much more ...

Request for Invitation

Become a Consultant
Share your knowledge & expertise

A working professional can leverage his knowledge and talent to help other individuals or businesses as a consultant. As a consultant, he/she can use his experience in their area of expertise to help others towards success.

Become a Trainer
Impart or gain wisdom

A working professional can leverage his knowledge to train others who are looking for wisdom in his/her area. Also a professional can gain wisdom, by connecting with folks who possess right expertise, which they are looking for.